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Veeam 12 upgrade using snapshot

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Does anyone have experience with taking a VM snapshot of their Veeam server and then revert to that in case of upgrade issues?

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Re: Veeam 12 upgrade using snapshot

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Hi Rasmus

I used this approach when doing upgrade tests for V12. It works, but you have to consider some things:

- Create the snapshot after you have disabled all jobs and stopped all backup and recovery sessions
- Do you have additional components on other managed server? They also need to be snapshotted in case you need to roll them back too.
- Having physical backup components? You cannot snapshot them. If they were already updated, you may need a support case to solve the upgrade issues instead of just rolling back the snapshot.

Don‘t forget to create a configuration backup before the upgrade. In case the snapshot restore doesn‘t work or the configuration database is on a remote sql server, you may need the configuration backup to restore your servers configuration database to a pre-upgrade state.

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Re: Veeam 12 upgrade using snapshot

Post by vmtech123 »

If you have virtual proxies and a virtual server i'd recommend powering it ALL down and snapshotting

if you have physical proxies, repos they are going to get updated and reverting may cause weird issues.

Best practice is to generate a config backup and keep that somewhere safe. Worst case you can always reinstall Veeam and import the backup.
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