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Veeam 3.1 Slow backup speed

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I'm an esx newbie starting to see how virtualization works.

I have this enviroment, 1 Esx 3.5 Box with 3 VM's.

VM-a: Windows XP with Veeam Backup 3.1, backups the other 2 VM on his local disk, then the backup files are copied to a scsi ultrium dat ( connected to the VM via scsi passthrough ).
VM-b: Windows sbs 2008
VM-c: Windows 2008 standard

I know that this situation is not suitable for backup\restore. having all in the same esx, but the previous IT has left this ... and i'm trying to solve this, buying a new physical machine only for backup purpose.

Btw, the issue is in network\backup speed:
Checking the realtime stats and the completed backup reports, i noticed that the average speed is 2-3 MB/s, i dont know why is so slow since the VM are interconnected on the same Vswitch @ 1Gb and the datastore is based on 4 SAS disk in raid5.

The backup size amount of 140GB, and backupping ti at 2Mb/s means a lot of time.

Does any of you have any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Veeam 3.1 Slow backup speed

Post by Gostev »

Stefano, you definitely want to upgrade to the latest version (4.1) as the version you are using is quite old. As for the actual issue, it would be best to open support case with our support to troubleshoot this. Thank you.
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