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Veeam 4.1 B&R with VC2.5\ESX3.5

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We have a couple of 2.5VCs, one at each datacenter, each with an ESX3.5 cluster and we wish to implement the B&R product to backup and replicate the VMs cross datacenters. How should I go about configuring the Veeam backup server and jobs? I have currently installed one backup server as a VM at one of the datacenters although I can see we may well require one at each DC.

Each VC\ESX cluster is connected to an EMC SAN and I intend to allocate a LUN on each, for the backups & replicas

What mode would we use to perform backups? I planned to use vStorage API and virtual appliance mode (should we), it seems I will need to create a VCB-Helper, is this the best solution

Advice much appreciated, I have no experience (As yet!) of the Veeam suite


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Re: Veeam 4.1 B&R with VC2.5\ESX3.5

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Hello Karl,

Welcome to our community forums. You should install one backup server at each datacenter, and federate them with the Enterprise Manager for consolidated monitoring, management and reporting.

As for processing mode, use "vStorage API : Direct SAN Access" if your backup server is physical, or "vStorage API : Virtual Appliance" if your backup server is virtual. If your EMC SAN has iSCSI, then it is possible to use "vStorage API : Direct SAN Access" even on virtual server, via software iSCSI initiator.

Hope this helps!

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