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Veeam 4.1 replication target modification

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Yes i do know that there are updates available to veeam 4.1. But the environment in this case is rather static and plain, version 4.1 has served us well! So we have not made the last major upgrades. Anyhow. We are running both replication and backup. In the beginning we replicated to a stand-alone host. This host was later added to the same vCenter as the production ESX servers. This had an unwanted effect. Now there is a MAC conflict in the vCenter. So the replicas are assigned with new MACs, which results in Windows loosing the IP config of that NIC.

What i would like to do is remove the ESX from vCenter and modify the replica job and target the ESX as a standalone host. But will veeam be able to continue on the same replica set or will it start over again?

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Re: Veeam 4.1 replication target modification

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Hi Frej,

You will need to start over again, as after choosing standalone host as a replication target, this VM will receive a new unique identifier (moref ID). If you were using Veeam B&R v6.5, you would be able to use replica mapping to avoid running full VM replication cycle.


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