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Veeam 4 - Initial replication over removable storage

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we are a Managed Service Provider who make use of Veeam to offer a DR service to our customer base.

So first what we do....
A typical environment would have a customer running ESX 3.5 or vSphere at their office with a high speed (10Mbps or greater) connection to our data centre.
We run on a vSphere platform and create a dedicated Windows 2003/Veeam 4 VM for each customer which runs on our vSphere platform in our data centre.
Our managed network takes care of the IP routing so we can see both our vSphere environment and the customers VMware environment.
We then connect to the customer's Virtual Centre and a nominated host from our environment (we have dedicated hosts just to act as targets for replication).
From here we then setup the replication jobs and start replicating.

Until yesterday (and the launch of Veeam 4) we have had issues with the initial syncs of large VM's (some exceed 1TB).
My question is with the Veeam application being run within our data centre how does the Initial replication over removable storage work?
I would assume that data is replicated from the source to the Veeam application which then stores it on the UNC path supplied?
This obviously would not help us as the source and Veeam application are still split by the WAN link.
Is there any way to have the Veeam agent on the source replicate directly to the UNC path???

Many thanks

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Re: Veeam 4 - Initial replication over removable storage

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Sorry, I've missed this post - no, this is not possible today with 4.0. Veeam Backup should be installed in the source side (customer side in your case) for UNC target, only this way the initial seeding data will not hit WAN.
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