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Veeam 4 replication stuck...

Post by cregan »

I migrated from v3 to v4 yesterday. Now I have two replication job (VCB SAN) that won't finish.
In veeam console it's stuck at :
Constructing rollback file name

A replica.vbk.upgrade was created if I look inside my lun.
The VM was reloaded if I look in Tasks and Events inside VirtualCenter.

In veeam log i have thousand of error like this
<06> Info (Client) Service output: available space:228916723712 bytes on /vmfs/volumes/SAN2-600HI\n

What's wrong ?
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Re: Veeam 4 replication stuck...

Post by Gostev »

Hello, we will need the logs for this job from Help | Support information to investigate. Please compress and send them to
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