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Veeam 5.0.2 Backup Rotation help needed.

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We are new to the Veeam backups and we are trying to acomplish the following:

1.) We would like to use Veeam to backup the VMs on Fridays so that we have a backup of the changes that happened during the week. We are only backing up the OS not the data partitions. (No need to backup the VMs every day).

2.) We think it will be beneficial to run Synthetic fulls at some point but we don't quite understand how they work.

3.) Only need a week worth of backups on disk (7 days). For example week1 backups are running and we have a failure on Tuesday week2 then we need to be able to restore from week1. If we are in Week3 and we have a failure and we need to restore something from week1 we will have to go to tapes.

The backups are going to be placed on an SMB share and from there they will be backed up to tape. We need tapes for the auditors and we have to be able to restore the backups from the tapes if needed.

Could someone help us out with some ideas on how to configure Veeam in order to run our regular backups on Friday nights and perhaps use Synthetic if this is going to beneficial and acomplish the backup rotation that we need to configure.

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Re: Veeam 5.02 Backup Rotation help needed.

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Luis, to conform to your requirements, you need to set the backup job to run weekly on Fridays using reverse incremental mode with only 1 retention point and select the required VM disks to be backed up. Note that in this case you will have to copy the whole VBK file to tape.

Also please read our sticky FAQ topic and user guide to better understand on synthetic backup and how different available backup modes compare to each other.

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