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Veeam 5 & 6 compatibility with VSphere 5

Post by deesloop »

We're migrating from Esx4 to 5.
I will be moving to Veeam 6 enterprise from version5 but wanted to check that
Veeam 5 & 6 are both compatible with the esx 5, and that migrating from Veeam 5
to v6 is just a case of installing over the top? Or do I need to start ovewr with V6?

Can someone please confirm?

I posted a thread on this yesterday but it has vanished
I dont thnik i did anything wrong but if the board mod wants to clarify by an email or PM then please feel free.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Veeam 5 & 6 compatibility with VSphere 5

Post by foggy »

Darren, all of your questions are covered in detail in the sticky FAQ topics. Please kindly read the FAQ before creating new topics, as we cannot be answering the same questions continuously. Thank you.


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