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Veeam 5 Recalculate Disks

Post by renpen »

I am using Veeam 5 and have noticed that when adding or removing disks you only ever get the entire VM size. So for expample if I have a job setup with a total of 100GB disks and then remove a disk which is 20GB and click on recalculate the size is still 100GB.
Support have said this is by design and just wanted to know why this woul be....

Below id their response.

I have just got a reply from the Tier3 engineers, and they confirmed that this is actually an expected behaviour by design, as you exclude the disks after you select the VM and view its size, so the size of the whole VM is taken into account there. Sorry it took so much time to answer your question.

Thank you for contacting Veeam Support.

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Veeam 5 Recalculate Disks

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Hello Rene,

Though this is a minor UI glitch, which will exclude the corresponding disk from the backup/replication job anyway, it will be fixed in our next update. Should more information be required, please have a look at the link below: ... t=excluded


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