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Veeam 5 Replication Job won't stop

Post by sanman »


We are currently trialling Veeam 5 in our environment. We have 2 x ESX 3.5 update 4 hosts. Earlier today, I set up a replication job from ESX host A to ESX host B (which is across the WAN in our DR site), to replicate one VM. The replication started but I found that it was saturating our WAN link so i had to stop it. I stopped the job but it would not stop. I left it for a while then tried again but it would still not stop. I tried stopping the services on the Veeam server but it still didn't stop. It was only after a restart of the server that the job stoppped.

Since the job failed, I tried to delete the snapshot from the source VM and got an error "Operation failed due to concurrent modification by another operation".
In the snapshot manager, i now get "Consolidate Helper -0" as the snapshot name. Can you please advise ASAP how to correct this and why this issue occurred?

This is a production host and I don't want any issues to occur. Why is there still a connection between the Veeam server and the host.

We are considering buying this product for our DR solution but this is a serious issue. I have tested with v4 of the product and have not seen this issue.

Please help


Alexey D.

Re: Veeam 5 Replication Job won't stop

Post by Alexey D. »


That's a strange behaviour. Considering the error you got, "Operation failed...", there is a VMware KB's article which may give you a clue: In any case, please feel free to contact our support team for assistance, they will investigate the log files and figure out what's wrong with that job which doesn't stop.

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