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Veeam 6.1 with Blue Coat WAN accelerators info

Post by phlight » Jul 12, 2012 8:10 pm

For the few people out there who may have a Blue Coat WAN accelerator and are looking for some basic info on it's performance with Veeam. I'm getting pretty good figures with my replication traffic. 35% savings 105 GB client bytes 68 GB server bytes in the past week. I'm running SG and replicating between two sites with a 4.5 Mbps connection. When I was running Veeam 6.0 and I tried to have BC intercept the traffic the jobs would fail instantly. I opened a case with Blue Coat b/c I felt it was there responsibility to get it to work. They didn't know what to do with it. I upgraded to 6.1 while my support case was open with BC and while on the phone with BC to test I found that something with 6.1 fixed the problem which allowed me to intercept backup and replication traffic.

Thanks to joemagjr who put up with my PMs (note the small s) as he was the only person I knew who was using the BC as well.

Way to go Veeam and Blue Coat...more so Veeam!

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