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Veeam agent multiple NIC load balancing

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When using the Veeam agent on a Linux repository that has multiple NICs, how does the agent know to use multiple NICs for data transfers? How can you configure/influence the use of multiple NICs?

We have a Linux repository running the Veeam agent very successfully; the repository has 5 connected NICs. We've configured a DNS alias for each of the NICs (multi-homed), and configured a set of multiple Veeam jobs each with its own target NIC using the appropriate DNS alias for each target NIC.

With all jobs running concurrently, we can get the agent to start using two NICs after a while, but we don't know:
1. How does it decide to start using a 2nd or Nth NIC?
2. How can you influence that choice?

In other words, how can we get concurrent Veeam backups to the Linux repository which has the Veeam agent to be utilizing/loading all 5 NICs concurrently?


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Re: Veeam agent multiple NIC load balancing

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I suspect the issue is that, while what you've done will cause the Veeam server to communicate to the Linux server over the various IP addresses, the connection back to the proxy is originated from the Linux repository. That means that connections to the proxy will always originate from the default IP address of the Linux box. The output of "netstat -anp --ip | grep VeeamAgent" while multiple jobs are running should give away the details of our the IP connections are being used.

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