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Veeam Architecture Question (Cisco UCS)

Post by freakyman123 »

Hi Guys,

I'm planning a new ESX environment and found Veeam as a possible backup solution, but I didn't understand the complete architecture of veeam.

Maybe I describe our new environment first:

About 150 VMs divided in 3 esx clusters, strechted over 2 datacenters.
ESX hosts are running on Cisco UCS blades. Whole environment is designed with Cisco UCS hardware.
IBM SVC DS8700 SAN Boxes on both sites with metro mirror.
The environment is connected with 40Gbit FCoE.

Summerized: 14ESX hosts and about 40TB of data on the SAN.

Now, how can I benefit from veeam?

My open questions:
- Backup speed experiences
- I have only seen the chance to backup from one ESX to another. But I want to backup the VM to the VBR which is connected to a dedicated backup SAN
- How is the restore architecture? I didn't see in users manual, how I can restore a backup directly to a SAN LUN.
If this is not possible, when will this be available?
-Is it better to install the VBR on a VM or on a physical server?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Veeam Architecture Question

Post by Gostev »

Hello, and welcome to our forums!

1. We have real-world backup speed experiences posted on our community forums consolidated in this document
2. This is how roughly 50% of all Veeam Backup deployments are set up. If you mount both production SAN LUNs and backup SAN LUN to VBR server, our product will be able to backup directly from production SAN to your dedicated backup SAN, without going over LAN. You may want to request a product demo from product's web page, and one of our System Engineers will be able to show all capabilities of the product.
3. Right now we restore through ESX host, and are planning to add direct restore to SAN in the next release.
4. Please refer to the existing discussion: VM or physical server?
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Veeam B&R with Cisco UCS

Post by kassim »

[merged into existing discussion]

Hi All,

Has anyone implemented Veeam B&R in a Cisco UCS environment.

Any suggestions/pointers on how this was "spec'd out" would be appreciated.

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Re: Veeam Architecture Question (Cisco UCS)

Post by Berniebgf »


I would also like to know what Veeam's official stance is on supporting "Cisco UCS Solutions"? (UCS-C200M2-VCD2)

From what I can gather all we are talking about here is standard x86 servers running "Standard" VMware hypervisor?
But I have no idea what VM's guest OS's are run on it?

Obviously I will need to talk to Cisco as well, however what is Veeams take on this?


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Re: Veeam Architecture Question (Cisco UCS)

Post by Vitaliy S. »

It doesn't matter what hardware you're using to build your virtual infrastructure, Veeam will be able to backup any VM as soon as it meets our system requirements.
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