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Veeam as a VM

Post by wocomike »

Hey All,

I'm currently running Veeam on a physical box, backing up data to an SMB share over the network. Will there be any issues if I move Veeam to a VM?



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Re: Veeam as a VM

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Hello Mike,

No, there won't be any issues. We have many customers running Veeam Backup and Replication server in the VM. Search for this on the forum for more information, there are many detailed discussions on this topic, for example: ... 87&p=13529 ... 30&p=13320


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Re: Veeam as a VM

Post by Exrace »

I have a test using "appliance mode" and it works great.
I am using multiple target types...NTFS share...another ESX server and local esx server datastore...all work equally well with decent performance

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