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Veeam Autodisabled a Backup Copy Job

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On one of our Backup servers a Backup Copy job has failed and Veeam has automatically disabled the backup Copy Job
Event Log: Veeam Backup
Event ID: 490
Backup Copy job '<backup copy JObs name>' finished with Failed. Job details: Error: Cannot proceed with the job: existing backup meta file '<backup copy JObs name>.vbm' on repository '<Cloud Storage>' is not synchronized with the DB. To resolve this, run repository rescan. The job has been automatically disabled due to too many failures. Please fix all issues preventing the job from running before re-enabling it.
However, what I would like from VEEAM:
If VEEAM auto disables a backup Copy Job than please do at least one of the followings:
  1. a. Rename the Job to something like -AutoDisabled
  • b. Raise a custom EventID in Event Log.
  1. c. Any other notification that the job was disabled by Veeam and not by a user.
This would be suitable for us because we monitor the Veeam backups across our number of veeam servers with powershell script (which is part of our ticketing system), and our monitoring is only checking for the last ran status on enabled Jobs (There are genuinely disabled jobs for various reasons). This issue was picked up by luck 17 days later, because of that.

Veeam Case ID 03104705


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Re: Veeam Autodisabled a Backup Copy Job

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Hi Ele, you scenario is clear, thanks for the feedback.

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