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Veeam B&R 6.0 - replication target choices

Post by JohnMurrayUK »

When using B&R 5.0 to replicate VM's, the target for the job is an ESX or ESXi host. If using a Cloud provider, often root credentials are not available, even if vCenter credentials are. I notice the new version 6.0 has the following new features suggesting some thought has gone into working with Cloud solutions:
  • • New replication architecture. Replication now uses a 2-agent architecture that allows VM data
    to be collected at the source site by one backup proxy server, and sent directly to the target backup
    proxy server at the destination site, bypassing the Veeam backup server. As a result, placement
    of the backup server (production or DR site) no longer matters, and questions about push versus pull
    replication and differences between ESX and ESXi targets are eliminated.

    • Cluster target. v6 replication jobs support selecting either a specific host or a cluster as the replication
    target. Replicating to a cluster ensures that replication can continue even if the current replica host
    is unavailable.

    • Full support for DVS. v6 offers full support for VMware Distributed Virtual Switches. This allows transparent
    replica state transitions with no manual editing necessary in virtual environments with DVS (such as vCloud
    Director-enabled clouds).
Could you confirm if version 6.0 no longer requires root access to a host, and hence is no longer limited to single tenancy (dedicated private cloud) solutions?
If so, will it also be possible for the Cloud provider to use Veeam 6.0 to backup the replica in order to provide various RPO increments and failover points?

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Re: Veeam B&R 6.0 - replication target choices

Post by Gostev »

Yes, root credentials are not required. This also means that we support ESXi hosts running in the lockdown mode.

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