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Veeam B&R and remote SQL Server

Post by tom.weiner » Mar 13, 2017 7:54 pm

Veeam Support - Case # 02097903

I'm working on installing a new version of Veeam 9.5. I want to use a remote SQL server for all the backup server's configuration. I have the backup server and the SQL server configured. Both are running Server 2016 and the SQL server is running SQL 2016. I'm able to telnet to port 1433 on the backup server to the SQL server. I also have SQL Management Studio loaded on the backup server and I can successfully connect to the SQL server also. The problem I'm running into is when I install Veeam and I get to the SQL Server Instance screen the install fails when I choose "Use existing instance of SQL Server" and then enter the name and instance of sql. The servers are not on a domain so I started by using just the ip address, but that failed. I then added the hostname and ip to the host file on the backup server. I verified that I could telnet and use the SQL Management Studio to connect to SQL using the hostname. I tried that hostname in the Veeam install, but I'm still getting an error that the backup server can't connect to the SQL server. I'm not sure what the problem is since I'm able to connect from the backup server using other methods without any problems. This is being done over port 1433. I also opened port 1434, but that didn't resolve the issue. Is there another port that Veeam uses to connect to SQL, or is there any advice anyone can give me? Thanks.

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Re: Veeam B&R and remote SQL Server

Post by Mike Resseler » Mar 14, 2017 6:56 am

Hi Tom,

Support will have better means to troubleshoot so keep working with them. I have only 1 tip that I can think off for your specific case:

You are using an instance if I read it correctly so check SQL Server Properties - <server_name> dialog box - click Connections (through management studio). On the Connections page, review the Remote server connections settings, and modify them if necessary. (Remote connections might be disabled even if connection trough management studio works).

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