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Veeam backup 4 compression question

Post by Liberty4All »

I am using 3.1 and planning my upgrade to veeam 4. I did not notice a compression increase from the release notes, but I saw a testimonial of one in your insane backup pdf. Is there a compression increase in veeam 4? Will I see it using VCB and ESX 3.5? Thank you.
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Re: Veeam backup 4 compression question

Post by TrevorBell »

No, Change Block Tracking is the newer technology which allows for only changed data to be backed up and is only available in V4. Please read other posts on this and you will see the mega speed increase.

e.g if you backup a VM say a test server where no data has changed or not alot then the backup speed will be very fast as VB only backs up changed blocks.

And yes the compression is better too 8)


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Re: Veeam backup 4 compression question

Post by Gostev »

Paul, there are some compression numbers posted by customers available in the document from the stickied thread:
Customer Feedback on Veeam Backup 4.0
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