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Veeam Backup and VM reboot

Post by m.novelli »

I've scheduled a weekly reboot on some VM, and today I noticed that one of those VM rebooted during Veeam incremental CBT backup

Veeam told me that backup is successful, should I trust? Or should I do a full VM backup?

I'm running vSphere 4 U1 with Veeam 4.1.1 and CBT backups


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Re: Veeam Backup and VM reboot

Post by Vitaliy S. »


Yes, you can trust that status. The backup job made a snapshot to lock/protect your source virtual disk files from changes while the job is running, so your backup will be fine despite the reboot.

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Rebooting a guest while a backup or replication is running

Post by matthadley »


What risks, if any, exist should a VM guest get rebooted while it is being backed up or replicated? I don't see where any risks should occur but there are quiescence activities that come into question. That said, I expect those quiescence activities to be able to handle such actions.
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Re: Rebooting a guest while a backup or replication is runni

Post by Gostev »

Hi Matt, there is zero risk, as we backup VM snapshot (read-only copy of VM disks' state at the time when the snapshot was taken). Thanks!
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