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VEEAM Backup Crashes ESX Server

Post by tom.stevens »

Hi We Are Backing Up a Windows 2003 Server running on ESX4.1, Since last week each time the Back runs we Loose Connectivity to the ESX Server. and after 5-10 minutes we loss access to All VM's running on that Server. the VEEAM Backup gets to around 53%.

We then have to Restart the ESX Server.

Any Ideas?

Vitaliy S.
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Re: VEEAM Backup Crashes ESX Server

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Sounds like your ESX host has some configuration/capacity issues. Try to figure out what changes have been made to your virtual environment (hosts in particular) that might be the reason for this behaviour.

By the way do you use vCenter Server? What is the load on your ESX host/vCenter Server? How many VMs does your host have?

Anyway, It's better to investigate this issue with VMware, as only they can assist you with ESX/vCenter Server log files investigation. Thanks.

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