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Veeam Backup Error

Post by m.kendrick »

We are running v3.1.1 of Veeam Backup, we are trying to backup our Exchange Server but getting the following error, do you have any idea what may be causing this, we are running with VSS and local credentials for this server.


Processed size: 430.00 GB
Avg. performance rate: 61 MB/s
Backup mode: service console agent

Start time: 16/08/2009 21:00:36
End time: 16/08/2009 23:01:11

Releasing VM files
Cannot initialize information about the guest's system. Target host: [].
Cannot collect metrics about the guest's operation system.
Cannot connect to the remote registry.
Win32 error:The network path was not found.
Code: 53

Interestingly if I backup the server with VSS turned off it says its backed up successfully!

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Veeam Backup Error

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Mark,

Could you please login to the server where Veeam Backup and Replication 3.1.1 is installed with the credentials you've specified for VSS, then try to do the following:
1. open the admin share:\admin$
2. open the local registry
3. please make sure remote registry service is enabled on your target VM
4. try to open and browse the remote registry for that VM (

Also make sure that File and Printer Sharing is enabled at your target guest OS.

Thank you.

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