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Veeam Backup & Fast SCP with a Dell MD3000i

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I have 3 host servers running VMware ESXi 4.1 that are connected to 4 targets/mulitple luns on a Dell MD3000i server. What I would like to do is have it to where my Veeam backup & Fast SCP server be able to connect directly to the SAN in order to select everything as sources and then backup to a small 3TB QNAP device I have networked using iSCSI Intiators.

Can someone assist me in specific steps on getting to those targets to aquire the data. After entering the Veeam licensing information, i was able to import the VM Hosts directly and from there have access to my targets but i dont think its the same, speed runs so slow as far aas throughout and im sure there has to be a much faster connection for that process :? .
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Re: Veeam Backup & Fast SCP with a Dell MD3000i

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Hello Jason,

1. Check if your jobs are setup to run in direct SAN access mode. Review job's session history to make sure there are no failover to network happening. If there is, you do not have direct SAN access configured correctly for Veeam server (review v4 FAQ).

2. Check the CPU load on Veeam server during backup. If it is close to 100%, your bottleneck is CPU on that server.

3. Next step is to make sure there are no issue with your backup target storage, try to copy some files there to make sure everything is allright with its speed.

4. If all of the above looks good, you would have to troubleshooting your iSCSI connectivity using this amazing troubleshooting guildes from our iSCSI expert joergr at Poor vStorage iSCSI SAN speed after Windows 2008 Upgrade and Improving direct-from-SAN backup speed with iSCSI SAN.

5. If everything above fails, please contact our technical support for further investigation.

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