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veeam backup in distributed datacenters

Post by fgw »

new here, currently testing veeam backup and like what i have seen so far!

my environment is distributed over two locations. there are three hp bl460c esxi servers and one hp eva 4400 in each location. in order to manage eva san storage i require a physical server connected to the san in each location. so my idea is to use this two servers also as vcb proxy and install veeam backup on them. this way i'm able to distribute backup load across this two servers.

is it possible to have two physical servers with vcb and veeam backup installed and let them use the same sql database on a sql server or do i have to use two different database instances on the sql server.

the idea of having only one sql database instance for both servers is if one of the servers fails, the second server easy can use job definitions created on the other server.

also is it possible to have the 12 socket veeam backup licenses loaded on both of the servers but just use 6 licenses on each of them?

how to create such a configuration in practice when two datacenters are used and veeam backup should be available if one of the datacenters fails?

concerning backup performance: im currently testing and i'm able to achieve a bandwidth of about 50MB/s. dont know if this is what i should expect, but from looking at my server i guess i'm currently cpu limited. the quad core is running at 100% load on all four cores most of the time! will add a second processor and see how performance improves. using best compression here as optimal compression improves backup time by about 25% but creates backupfiles of more than double the size as best compression does. thus this 25% increase in backup time is an affordable tradeoff to get backups of less than half the size than optimal compression does!
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Re: veeam backup in distributed datacenters

Post by Gostev »

Franz, you definitely need to add that extra processor, Best compression is very CPU hungry. Your backup speed should increase significantly after you do this.

Right now we do not support connecting 2 different Backup console to the same database. It has to be 2 different instances.

License question: yes, it is possible.
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