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Veeam Backup in Virtual Appliance mode

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I am trying to perform a backup in Virt. Appl. mode.

I got this error.

4 of 5 files processed

Total VM size: 15,00 GB
Processed size: 11,23 KB
Processing rate: 0 KB/s
Backup mode: HOTADD without changed block tracking
Start time: 29-7-2010 12:05:57
End time: 29-7-2010 12:07:33
Duration: 0:01:35

Removing snapshot
RemoveSnapshot failed, snapshotRef "snapshot-27175", timeout "3600000"
Operation failed due to concurrent modification by another operation.
Veeam Backup will attempt to remove snapshot during the next job cycle, but you may consider removing snapshot manually.
Possible causes for snapshot removal failure:
- Network connectivity issue, or vCenter server is too busy to serve the request
- ESX host was unable to process snapshot removal request in a timely manner
- Snapshot was already removed by another application

BackupDisk failed
Client error: The specified transports are not available. Available transports: [nbd]. Specified transports: [hotadd]. VMDK path: [[esx-prod02-lun003] test-xp-rve01/test-xp-rve01-000001.vmdk].

Server error: End of file

Can anybody help me?

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Re: Veeam Backup in Virtual Appliance mode

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Hello, and welcome to our forums. Please try searching for the error you are experiencing before creating the new topic. ... add#p17780


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