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Veeam backup jobs are crazy slow

Post by klasikrkade »

I have 2 backup servers in place running veeam backup and replication 4.12. I have a total of about 40 jobs spread over the 2 servers. The backup servers are running in a RAID 5 configuration using SATA drives.

On average my throughput on most servers on most days is between 2 and 5 mb/s. On the other hand my replication jobs on a completely different server are running at 200-500MB/s.

Strangely enough I sometime get backup speeds here and there of much higher rates ie 30-50mb/s. Then they plummet on subsequent days.

The jobs are running using an HBA (San with failover)

All jobs are spread out timewise but they all end up running at the same time. I get the bad throughput even when I run the jobs as one offs.

Just curious if it could be the fact that I am using SATA drives or wether it could be something else or perhaps a combination of things
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Re: Veeam backup jobs are crazy slow

Post by Gostev »

I would say the issue is likely with HBA (hardware issue or drivers), or backup server itself. What is the CPU load when backup is running? Also, I would try creating small backup job on that other server running replications, and backup a few VMs in question to some Windows share on your network. Thanks!
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