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Veeam Backup & Replication Licensing Issue

Post by garfield659 »

I was ready to move forward with a project for replicating our remote site servers back to our datacenter when I ran into an issue with Licensing. According to a representative at Veeam you have to license their product for every socket on the motherboard even if it is empty. My issue is I have a bunch of servers out there that have a single quad core CPU on a motherboard that has two sockets (one empty). VMware even shows this as a single socket machine, but from what the rep tells me from Veeam I need to purchase 2 licenses of their product to backup each server. Since there is only one virtual machine on the server we cannot justify the cost of paying for 2 licenses.

Just wanted to check with everyone out there to see if this is actually the case that Veeam EULA requires you to license empty sockets even when VMWare shows the system as having 1 Processor Sockets. I have never come across a company trying to make you purchase a license for a CPU that isn't there.
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Re: Veeam Backup & Replication Licensing Issue

Post by Gostev »

If VMware shows your host as a single socket machine, our product will also count 1 socket only, because we get this information straight from VMware API. The problem is when VMware reports that host has 2 sockets (this is what sales rep was referring too, as we have seen this issue before). But in your case, you should not have any problems. I would recommend to double-check though, using a trial license. Perform backup of a single VM located on one of the hosts in questions, and look up About > Licensing. Thanks.
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