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Veeam Backup Server is Mounting Exchange Drives

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Today I noticed that my VEEAM backup now has more drives. i noticed that 6 new letter drives were now showing in my veeam backup server. I also notice that they are the 3 drives that my exchange server has. I have done 2 backups so far and I guess everytime it backs up the server it mounts the drives. I have other jobs backing up other servers and those do not get mounted.
AM i dpoing something wrong with this job? I used the same method as the other jobs but cannot understand whi these drives are being mounted.
Now how can I unmount these drives.
Any help is greattly appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: Veeam Backup Server is Mounting Exchange Drives

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Hello, this is normal. Virtual Appliance mode jobs mount (hot add) disks of backed up VMs to Veeam Backup servers during the job. See stickied FAQ thread for more information, plus there are a few existing threads discussing this in more details. You can unmount drives by editing Veeam Backup VM configuration with vSphere Client. Also, for best results be sure that you use the latest Veeam Backup release (4.1.2) as it has some improvements around Virtual Appliance processing mode as it comes to job failures handling. Thanks!
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