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Veeam backup to two NAS devices

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I use Veeam 5 to backup 14 VM's from two ESX 4.01 Hosts. I would like to backup these VM's to two different NAS devices. The way I like to setup these jobs is a separate Veeam backup job for each VM where the first job calls the next and so on until the 14th job has run. So initially I setup 28 jobs (14 x2) with 14 of them backing up to NAS1 and 14 of them backing up to NAS2 this appeared to be going great until it tried to process the same VM. The backup that started first and finished first completed with a "warning" status and the warning was regarding the snapshot removal failed, the second job also completed with a "warning" status and had a similar error regarding failure to remove the snapshot. when I browse the datastore the snapshots are still there and i will remove them later after hours. What I need to know is how you would suggest me setting up the backups to back up to two different NAS devices. I realize that I could just set Veeam up to run 28 jobs one after another after another but I wanted to know if there are other ideas.

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Veeam backup to two NAS devices

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Hi Mike,

The way I would do it is setup just a single backup job for best deduplication ratio and choose one of the NAS devices as destination target, after that I would synchronize backup files created on the first box with the second one. As far as I know most of the NAS devices should have this functionality (rsync) built-in, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

If you search these forums, you will find that this approach is a pretty popular one among our existing customers.


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