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Veeam Backup Validator for reporting

Post by conradoblack » Dec 29, 2016 7:45 pm

Hey there,

I'm using Veeam backup validator because the report it produces is exactly what I need for compliance, and it doesn't hurt that it validates my vibs and vbks.

I've been testing it out on a Backup Copy Job. I've been using the "/backup" flag on it, and it seems to find the appropriate VM's and restore points but it skips over the files:

It spits out this after attempting to validate the VM:

Skipping VM 'MySQL1': VM is unavailable.

I also tried a regular forward incremental to disk job, it produces the same error.

I opened a support case and they suggested I need to share out the path where the files are on the target server for the backup copy job (I'm running the validator from the source server). I've tried that using the "/file" switch instead of the "/backup" switch. I've pointed the /file switch to that UNC path, and I got a different error:

"Failed to process storage. Failed to validate files <UNC PATH>"

It actually shows the files inside the VBK, but then spits out the above error.

I thought I'd check the forums and see if anyone had any insights.


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Re: Veeam Backup Validator for reporting

Post by Andreas Neufert » Dec 30, 2016 3:06 pm

Please add case number

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