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Veeam Backups best Setup for our Solution?

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Hello to all,

I would need a advice or a suggestion what would be the best way to setup our backups.

We have two sites, one in Vienna, Austria and another one is in Novi Sad, Serbia.
We have Synology RS3621xs+ with 80TB on both location.
Currently what we have configured is that Backups are going straight to NAS in Vienna and its being sync with Synology built in app Synology Share Sync to our NAS in Novi Sad, Serbia.

I tried with Veeam Backup Copy Job through WAN Accelerator but as our biggest VM is 7TB its not that efficient.

Please if you have a solution or a suggestion feel free to comment. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Veeam Backups best Setup for our Solution?

Post by Mildur »

Hello Nemanja

Can you share how you use those Synology Devices?
As iSCSI storage mounted to a windows or linux server? As an SMB Share? Do you have a Gateway Server located on both sites?

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