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Veeam best practice for RDM backup

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Dear ALL,

Here are the details of my environment.

VM: windows 2008 r2
RDM: 10 with size ( range from 1 TB - 1.97 TB)

Current backup schedule : weekly backup per Lun ( By excluding disks) and all RDM pointer files are stored in the VM

Is it a good way to store the pointer files to store along with the VM or create a separate datastore?
What is the procedure to restore a vm only without luns and reconnect luns manually to the restored VM. Sorry I'm bit confused - Does the backup restores all the pointer files when the vm is restored from backup or am I missing anything??

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Veeam best practice for RDM backup

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Hello Sarita,

During backup process vRDMs will be converted to VMDK disks, so there is little sense in storing pointer files as they will never be used during the restore procedure, as vRDMs will restored as regular virtual disks.

Thank you!

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