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Veeam causing issues with AOS Servers?

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I'm running a backup job with 2 AOS servers for Microsoft Dynamics AX. When I run the job it takes 1.5 hours, and completes at 10:30pm. We run batch processes overnight (not at the same time as the Veeam backup) in AX, however at 3:40am I start getting Network errors that are logged on the AOS servers' Event Viewer. My servers are connected to my SAN through ISCSI, and the batch process that runs is going over the IP LAN. Anyone have experiences like this where a Veeam backup would mess up batch processes and see network errors as a result?

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Re: Veeam causing issues with AOS Servers?

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While short periods of lost connectivity is expected during the backup job (specifically when snapshot is being committed), I would not expect situations where backup job affects something when it is not actually running. Can you probably reproduce this behavior without backup jobs in action, by creating and deleting snapshot of these VMs using vSphere Client (just to verify whether this has something to do with it)?

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