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Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise!

Post by mongie »

So... I was just watching Mike's Azure Direct Restore video, and I noticed when he searched for Veeam in the Azure directory, there was something called "Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise (VCC-E)". I've just searched my own directory, and sure enough, there is a product that is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for, that I've never heard of before.

Is there any documentation on this? I'm particularly interested in whether this uses block storage or object storage, and how much I should expect it to cost.

Why isn't this more publicised? Am I missing something that is going to make it less exciting?

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Re: Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise!

Post by Gostev »

It's exactly the same as regular Veeam Cloud Connect for Service Providers, except it can be purchased by enterprise end users. It's a perfect fit for large enterprises, because they operate in a very similar manner to service providers, offering services to various departments... the only difference is private vs. public cloud. Thus, all the Cloud Connect Infrastructure complexity designed for the service providers (multi-tenancy, quotas etc.) suddenly makes perfect sense for them.

There are some restrictions associated with this offering though, for example you have to own at least 100 sockets of B&R to be eligible for Veeam Cloud Connect for the Enterprise. Perhaps this is why you have not received any targeted communications?

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