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Veeam Community forums Digest - Windows Updates

Veeam Logoby unsichtbarre » Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:29 pm 2 people like this post

I eagerly await the Veeam Community forums Digest each week, and usually take Gostev's word as Gospel!

On this one issue, however, I must take vocal exception:
"You must install this patch in 30 days or it will install itself – which can be painful, but after seeing all the recent issues due to unpatched systems I personally am convinced this is a great change." -Gostev

The problem arises because Microsoft hat taken a highly Windows-centric view of all our systems and believes that Microsoft Knows Best - it does NOT! Microsoft
can, (and has a history of doing so,) make changes that go far beyond patching code and intrude upon user choice, software, and legitimate configurations!

While unpatched systems are inexcusable from an IT perspective; there's a hug difference between systems which are unpatched and ignored and those systems which are not patched yet, but included within a comprehensive management plan! You see, as an administrator, I must be able to control changes within my environment, and anticipate any issues which might result from those changes.

Imagine the situation that would result from a crashed vSphere environment and then discovering that the Windows system necessary to log-in and recover would/could not connect to the vSphere Web Client as a result of mandatory and automatic updates! That is a career-ending situation that must not be allowed to take place!

The situation I am dealing with now is patches to a Windows 10 Horizon View Linked Clone Parent (protected by Veeam Backup & Replication). After having applied the latest Windows 10 updates and Recomposed the pool to the updated snapshot, I discover that Microsoft has over-ridden my performance settings and selected "Adjust for best appearance." This has resulted in the degradation of performance for lower-bandwidth users of the environment - and I will have to Recompose again tonight to re-apply the setting I legitimately set in the first place!

I hope this post is not too far off-topic, as I found no other or better place to put it.
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