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Re: Veeam Customer Support Sucks!!!!

Post by Morgenstern72 » 2 people like this post

I had quite some tickets and I had never had better support then from veeam in my 20 years of IT. VMWare is quite bad compared to the fast, reliable and friendly veeam people. Don't even try to compare it to IBM or Microsoft or Kaspersky...they are close to disaster.

Thank you, people from veeam support, you are close to being perfect :)
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Re: Veeam Customer Support Sucks!!!!

Post by veremin » wrote:You've been "working on a ticket for a week now?" That's nothing. I have a ticket that was escalated to Level 3 months ago which was opened on 10-19-2014. One of the primary reasons I dumped Symantec was due to their poor support. Unfortunately, Veeam is even worse. They just handle things differently. You can't count on receiving tape support in a timely fashion because they don't believe any tape issue is ever a #1 Severity. Interesting way of handling these issues.
Hi, Andy,

Can you post your ticket number please, so we can take a look at the case? Based on the timelines you have provided, the issue should be in R&D at this time, and perhaps it requires major code changes to fix, preventing us from issuing you a hot fix.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Veeam Customer Support Sucks!!!!

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No I don't think support sucks! I have been using Veeam for years now. Yes I do face issues, but support ALWAYS resolves them and gets me going again. And support is always professional and digs a little deeper when needed. I find that I only ever really have issues after an upgrade, something might become unstable but support always has a fix. I think that's pretty good. Plus Veeam B&R has saved my skin more than once. Worth it's weight in gold.

By the way, in all the years I have been using VMware on IBM, I have never had a VMware support issue. It has never failed in any way! I think that's pretty good too. So really, IBM + Vmware + Veeam has been pretty close to bulletproof for me. I'm a very happy customer.
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Re: Veeam Customer Support Sucks!!!!

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I'd just like to add that I too have been impressed with Veeam support and these forums and the wider Veeam customer community. As a novice with Veeam currently implementing my first Veeam B&R environment I have received fast answers to what may be novice questions. Googling my question often leads back to the forums where someone has had then same issue or question. These forums remind me of the fan base of a MMO or popular game. I have never been part of such an active and helpful software product community

The weekly digest emails are useful too, no junk to block or unsubscribe from there.

As for the OP to say that Veeam support sucks is ridiculous was Patch 1 not release on Christmas Day?
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