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Veeam destination space insufficient

Post by Louharle »

What are the requirements surrounding destination space for Veeam? although we have approximately 3TB of space allocated to VMDK's in reality there is on 600mb of true data on these VMDK's. Coupled with compression this should be less that 600mb. Despite this, Veeam is requring close to 2TB of space on the destination prior to initiating backup. Is there a way to "ignore" destination disk space??

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Veeam destination space insufficient

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Hello Louis,

Basically, the destination space is calculated considering your retention policy and the size of VMs that you've added to the job. This is done to prevent you from filling up all the space on the destination target, that will cause job failures, however you still can run the job in spite of this warning message. On the other hand, to reduce the space required value, you can adjust the retention policy for your jobs.

Thank you!
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Re: Veeam destination space insufficient

Post by Gostev »

Louis, yes you can simply ignore Veeam Backup estimations for the required disk space. It calculates "worst case" scenario basically, when your VMs do not compress very well.
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