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Veeam DraaS Providers

Post by ToNH »

Can anyone reccomend a Veeam cloud services partner that can help us get started with trying/testing this?

I've been looking into trying the new DRaaS feature for a while and I've contacted a few Veeam cloud services partners. They don't seem knowlegagle about the baked in Veeam DRaaS capability nor the Veeam Network Extension Appliance ( ... tml?ver=95). So they've tried to steer me to more expensive custom built solutions rather than using the built in capability in Veeam.

Is the Veeam Network Extension Appliance something that we deploy into the CSP environment to get DRaaS to work - or does the Veeam CSP deploy this from their side? (A short simple DRaaS deployment video that covers just the basic deployment for a typical scneario or some "getting started" steps would be helpful but I don't seem to be able to find that.)

As we are a local government, I'd like to find a provider that has already been vetted for our purposes. (There is one in partcular in our region that provides other services to local government in our region that I'm interested in using that is on the same Internet fiber network as we are.) However, most of them (including the aforementioned) don't seem knowledgable at all about the DRaaS feature baked into Veeam.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Veeam DraaS Providers

Post by Gostev »

The Veeam Network Extension Appliance is deployed for both sides automatically. As far as your main question, we cannot recommend any particular service providers because we like to treat them all fairly, but if you are ready to consider service providers outside of your list of "government" providers - know that all of our biggest U.S. service providers do DRaaS. Your Veeam sales rep might be able to give you some pointers!

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