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Veeam DRaaS Using CSP - does it work?

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Maybe I've been drinking to much Veeam Kool-Aid? The documentation and sales literature seem to indicate that Veeam DRaaS using a Veeam CSP that offers DRaaS is the plug and play solution for all of our DR needs - the new dawn is here! But, my observations indicate otherwise so far.

First, I don't see many people using it at all and don't find success stories here. Second, I've contacted several CSPs, tried to setup 2 tests to failover a test VMware machine, and I'm finding that the "providers" are ill informed, and/or have no faith in this working well, and/or don't really want to sell this solution. And so far, no success in setting up a simple straightforward test.

Does anyone have the "out of the box, plug and play" DRaaS/CSP solution working? I notice a whole section on the forum regarding Azure. Maybe this is the way to go instead?

I'm trying to setup a test with a 3rd CSP now, but initially they also tried to get me to go with their proprietary "engineered" solution rather than using the Veaam boxed DRaaS solution.

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Re: Veeam DRaaS Using CSP - does it work?

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Hi Allen,

I am not liking this post at all and apologize for the bad experience. We have certainly success stories. One is here for example: ... omers.html.

It seems that some of our SP's might not be able to deliver the needed support and that is obviously not good. If possible, please work with your local Veeam rep in your area and try to tackle this as good as possible.


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Re: Veeam DRaaS Using CSP - does it work?

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I agree with Mike,
we definitely have several successful providers offering DRaaS using Cloud Connect. Sadly, some have less then optimal deployments I'd say, or they feel like VCC-R is too complex to setup. It's not, and we have tons of documentation to help them. So, as Mike said, I'm sorry if you encountered any of these providers, but if you want to engage with some local Veeam people in your region, or with us privately, we can surely give you some contact.

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