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VEEAM Guest File Indexing Wears SSD

Post by dc-fan » Jul 01, 2019 1:54 pm


i have Veeam V&R installed on a physcial Machine with RAID10 SSD.
So far so good. From time to time, the Veeam Guest Catalog Service Starts and works for DAYS without stopping.
When i stop the Service and start it again manually, everything is fine.

It seems that this Service WRITES TONs of GB or even Terabytes on my SSD RAID Array, so now the third time after i noticed and stopped the Indexing, i saw on the SSD-Monitoring ( INTEL DC S3520 ) that the Temperature was extremely high and i lost some Percent of Endurance. What the Hell Is Veeam doing and how can i stop this?

Any Tipps?
For Now i stopped the Guest Catalog Service ( not using any VMs on this Server), should that be enough?

Dima P.
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Re: VEEAM Guest File Indexing Wears SSD

Post by Dima P. » Jul 01, 2019 3:08 pm

Hello Florian,

Veeam Guest Catalog Service within Veeam B&R server collects index data for all backup jobs and stores this data locally, while Veeam Guest Catalog within Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager collects the data from all Veeam B&R catalogs. Can you please elaborate if you have Veeam Enterprise Manager installed together with Veeam B&R on the same machine? Thanks!

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Re: VEEAM Guest File Indexing Wears SSD

Post by jmmarton » Jul 02, 2019 4:46 am

Any chance you are doing any large files-to-tape jobs?


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