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Veeam jobs failing

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I am having a lot of problems with Veeam jobs failing over the last few days. There was a problem in my ESX environment but I have that resolved now and the backups are still failing.

This is the error I am getting for one of the VMs. Then there will be nothing for the next VM in the list and the job seems to bomb out.

Completing current object backup process Run
Policy failed Client error: Vcb process is terminated
Waiting for the next VCB backup source object has failed. Cannot backup VM files using VCB. Patch file path: []. Files should be backed up: [skip SERVER.vmx;add 0|SERVER.nvram|veeamfs:9:29d20e36-3603-44b1-8993-d38f4755bed2 (vm-160)/SERVER.nvram@G:\Backups\....

Has anyone seen anything like this before?
Ben Milligan
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Re: Veeam jobs failing

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It appears to be a VCB based error in nature. A good start is to test VCB manually as it is stated in the backup job log under help|Support information, and see if VCB is indeed functioning properly. It will be listed next to "VCB command" if you search the "job_<JOBNAME>.log". Note you will need to update the -p |password, and -r|path respectively before running this VCBmounter process manually.

It would be good also for you to gather up your logs from Help|Support information and send a mail to with these files zipped for further troubleshooting assistance. We are happy to assist you in resolving this issue with your backups.

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