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Veeam - LANfree Backup IBM DS3524

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I have read the docs about providing access to the VMFS LUNs and disableing automount, which seems to be a bit too risky in my opinion. Does anyone know if I can provide LUNs to the Veeam backup server read-only using the IBM DS3524 ? Unfortunately, I did not find any options for that in the documentation for the storage system:( Are there other ways to prevent accidental destruction of the VMFS volumes with the Veeam backup maschine having R/W access to the LUNs ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Veeam - LANfree Backup IBM DS3524

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Hi, there is no risk with automount disabled. Direct SAN access with VCB has been around for ages, and this approach is used in all medium and large enterprises no matter of what VMware backup product they are using (other transport modes just do not provide the required scalability).

The only way you could destroy the data is go ahead and purposely screw up the volume. But, you can easily do exactly the same with vSphere Client today. So the risk of this happening is the same. Bottomline is, if you give clueless people high privileges, they will go and screw up things :) so keep privileges to yourself instead.


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