Veeam Network transport mode advice

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Veeam Network transport mode advice

Veeam Logoby Jeggsy » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:55 pm

HI guys,

First time on the forum here 8)

I was after a bit of advice if possible of trying to get the best out of our current Veeam Backup & Restore V9.5u1 installation.

Basically, We have 2x Dell SAS SAN's connected by 8Gb fibre to 3x VMware 6.0 Dell host servers. For each VMhost server we have 8x 1Gb Ethernet connections to the network.

The Veeam backup proxy server is connected to the network using 2x 1Gb (Teamed to be a 2Gb connection). The Veeam server is an old Dell R710 with 20Tb of local disk storage, 24Gb RAM, 2x Xeon 2.80GHz CPU's (12 cores total), Win 2012 R2.

My question really is how do I get the best performance out of using the Network Transport mode we are using ? ? I know Direct Storage would be far faster which is why we'll look at this option in the future with a proper solution when the time & budget allow.

All the Veeam settings so far are pretty much left as standard but I have read about tweaking some of the Storage settings in the Advanced tab. At the moment, Compression is set to the default of Optimal and the Storage to Local Target. From what I've read, I could potentially be getting better performance by selecting High compression & LAN storage as they are potentially better suited.

If it helps, The current Veeam throughput is anywhere between a maximum of 110Mb/s and the lowest about 50Mb/s depending on the backup jobs.

The bottleneck/Load Veeam is reporting is Source 99% whilst Proxy 4% Network 2% and target 0%. performance monitoring on the server itself shows the server doing very little CPU & memory wise but the LAN connection is peaking at about 900Mbps.

Does this make sense ? ? ? Any help would be very gratefully received ! !

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Re: Veeam Network transport mode advice

Veeam Logoby DGrinev » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:49 pm

Hi Paul, welcome to the community!

So your bottleneck is at source and the reason seems to me in transport mode you're using.
With network mode (nbd) you barely can achieve better performance then you have.

If you cannot setup Direct SAN mode due to high expenses or other reasons, then I would recommend you to use Virtual Appliance mode (hotadd), it should reduce workload on your network.

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