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Veeam Replication and SRM?

Post by jgremillion »

We replicate some physical servers to VMs at our DR site using Recoverpoint. We also do quite a few VM to VM at our DR site using Veeam replication. It would be really great if Veeam could make a SRM (Site Recovery Manager) "adapter" for the Replication piece. It would make failing over to the DR site much easier if the "failover" could be also be done either through SRM or he Veeam console.

Did you guys already think of this and add it to Surebackup 5?

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Re: Veeam Replication and SRM?

Post by Gostev »

Hello Joe, yes we have discussed this feature internally a few times before, but currently it is not a priority. We have already scheduled some exciting new capabilities around replication for the next release following v5, so we will consider this feature again and see what it takes to add. Thank you for your feedback!

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