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Veeam Replication Failover

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Hi all,

I have the following in my environment, I have ESX01 and ESX02 in a HA cluster, ESX01 runs all live virtual machines which is stored on SAN01 in site 1. ESX02 along with SAN02 is on site 2, both sites are connected via fiber

The plan is to have replicas of the live virtual machines stored on ESX02 / SAN02”. Incase there is a hardware failure with SAN01.

My question is this, lets say there is a failure on site 01 and I fail over to site 02 and make the replicas live and they start serving requests, when I undo the failover, will changes to the data be replicated backup to SAN01?

Why I ask is because I read this in the setup guide “Note: At undoing failover, any changes made to the replicated virtual machine since it was powered on will be

I am really hoping all that means is changes to the VM configuration itself and not the DATA, otherwise this Replication/Fail over feature starts seeming kind of pointlest/waste of money.

Looking forward to your responses.


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Re: Veeam Replication Failover

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Hello Michael, please refer to the existing discussion here: ... ine#p11851


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