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VEEAM Replication on Separate Networks

Post by mzarate » Apr 01, 2013 3:30 pm

Hi everyone, i am a new user of VEEAM backup & replication and we are currently having some issues getting it to work. We are trying to replication from Site A on one network to Site B on a different network and we are getting communication failures during the process. We have a particular network configuration on Site B due to some security requirements of our clients, so the VMware infrastructure on Site B is isolated, however my understanding was the as long as we have backup proxies setup we could just have a local backup proxy and a remote backup proxy and just replicate between proxies without the VMware environment on Site A being able to communicate directly with Site B.

So to illustrate this a little bit we have it setup like this.

VMware Site A ---> VEEAM Remote Proxy A ---> Firewall A <---------------------------> Firewall B <--- VEEAM Backup Server/ Local Proxy B <--- VMware Site B

- VEEAM BAckup Server / Local Proxy B has 2 nics installed: one NIC can reach VEEAM Remote Proxy A, VMware Site A and the second NIC can reach VMware Site B. So in other words this server can see both sites and both environments without problems.

- VMware Site A and VEEAM Remote Proxy A cannot reach directly VMware Site B and viceversa, the only common ground they have is VEEAM BAckup Server/Local Proxy B.

Is the above configuration theoretically right or wrong?

Is it necessary for VMware Site A to be able to communicate directly with VMware Site B or is it enough that the VEEAM Proxies can communicate with their respective VMware environment? Remember in our current setup ESX Hosts in Site A cannot ping ESX Hosts on Site B, however Proxy A can ping Proxy B.

Can the VEEAM BAckup server have 2 NICs configured or can this be part of the problem?

I'm open to any suggestions you may have, im aware that this may not be the recommended configuration so appreciate your inputs. The only thing that cannot change is having VMware Site B on an isolated network.

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Re: VEEAM Replication on Separate Networks

Post by Vitaliy S. » Apr 01, 2013 9:49 pm

Hi Manuel,

Please take a look at this topic for Veeam backup connections required: Off-site Replication connections

Let me know if that helps.

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