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Veeam Replication

Post by icebun »

Can someone clarify the following for me:-

- For VMs to replicate from Source to Destination Datastores (on 2 independant SANs), will there be a need to carryout a VMware snapshot? If so, will the pausing of I/O not affect end users if this is carried out during the day?

- Are only the delta changes sent accross the WAN for performance?

- We are looking to replicate around 60 VMs with about 16TB of data initally. This over 6MB line. Apart from the initial sync will this be achievable?

- Should I need to failover at the DR site, do I need to modify the .vmx files to repoint to the new path for the VMDK file(s) or does Veeam take care of this? What if any, needs to be done on the vCenter server and will I need one for each physical site?

We are intending to use EMC MirrorView /A in conjunction with VMware SRM. Is the replication component on Veeam comparable?

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Re: Veeam Replication

Post by Gostev »

1. Not sure I understand the snapshot carryout part of your question, but users will definitely not be affected. There are almost no I/O pauses on the production VM during VMware snapshot operation (1-2 seconds max under normal circumstances).
2. Yes, changes only.
3. This depends on the amount of changes too of course... if it is 6 megaBYTES per second then yes, of course. And for initial sync, we support replica seeding with our new release, version 4.0.
4. Failover is fully automated, just a few mouse clicks in our wizard to select the point in time that you want to failover to.
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