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Veeam Replication with Removable Storage Issue

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I'm up against an issue at the moment and I'm not sure of the best way to resolve this.

The Veeam server is located in a DR site. This controls replications of one virtual machine in each satellite office back to the DR site where veeam is located. This works fine and enables us to have failover control for each of the single VM's replicated should we suffer an satellite office loss.

The problem I have is for one particular satellite site, mumbai. The link from mumbai to the dr site is soo poor we can never get the first replication to work. I've seen the option to use removable storage on the first replication which is great but the Veeam server is at the DR site and the VM we need to replicate is in mumbai. The removable storage i pressume must be attached to the Veeam server and theefore be at the DR site therefore this option offers no benefit as we would still be trying to pull the first replication of the mumbai link and would therefore most likely fail.

How can we get this first replication to the DR site?


Vitaliy S.
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Re: Veeam Replication with Removable Storage Issue

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Hello Andy,

You should have a Veeam Backup server on the primary site to use replica "seeding" option. Unfortunately, there is no workaround I am aware of. But you may temporary install Veeam backup server on the primary site, perform "seeding", then move SQL configuration database to the DR site and re-use it with new Veeam Backup server.

On the other hand, you could try using WAN acceleration tools to make the full replication job run less painfull.

Thank you!
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