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Veeam v12 SOBR move data across extents

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Before Veeam v12 was released I was really hoping that the VeeaMover would do the trick to move data in a SOBR across extents. Unfortunately it seems that this is not possible with Veeam v12.

We run in situations sometime that an extent is getting full(er) than it should be, which in return cross the threshold and provides every user with a warning that there are space issues. The backup does work at this point since Veeam just picks another extent to put the backup data on. But this is something we are not a fan off since that essentially removes the 'fast clone' functionality, eventhough it mentions it is still using 'fast clone' in ReFS. Which in return means very long merge times...

To create more free space on an extent you have to move the chains/backup files from one extent to another (or use the Rebalance feature in v12, but that doesn't work on hundreds of TB's of data).

Maybe I missed something, but are there any other ways to go around this?

PS: I know we can set a registry key for SOBR free space on extents, we've already done this and configured it to a point we feel secure about. In the old days there were some situtions that Veeam just filled up the extent before moving to the other extents.
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Re: Veeam v12 SOBR move data across extents

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Hi Bryan

Unfortunately there is no other option for now than moving the backup files manually or using the rebalance feature.
We are looking into it to solve that use case in a future version:

In v12, we have a new option for the placement policy. You can enable "strict placement policy enforcement" for the performance tier. If there is no space left on one extend, the job will fail.
This allows you to analyze your extends before deciding what todo. ... ml?ver=120

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