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VEEAM v6 and Backup Exec

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Hi All,

This may have been answered elsewhere but I havent been able to find it.

We recently purchased Veeam primarily for replication to our DR site, but having done some testing have been really impressed with its backup and restore capability. We are fairly heavily virtualised and have been using backup exec to back up guests in the traditional manner.

I would like to use Veeam to backup my guests to SAN, then to tape via backup exec. V6 can do this by setting up my backup exec server as a repository - weekly full with daily incrementals. What is best practice when it comes to setting up the backup job/s?,
- one job for all VMs?- will this create a massive vbk file which then is at risk of corruption, inefficient writing to tape and/or cumbersome, slow restore times?
- on job per VM? - difficult to schedule?, inefficent dedupe?
- something in between?
- different backup regime?


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Re: VEEAM v6 and Backup Exec

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Hi Greg,

Best practice would be to use forward incremental backup mode, group VMs per their SLA, OS type (for better dedupe) or tier level.

We have an open discussion which you might find useful, please have a look: Best Practice for putting Veeam Backups on Tape?


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