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Veeam v6 and vSphere versions and host types

Post by rmp »

I apologize if this has been asked already, but I could not find it.

Are there any performance benefits for using ESX 4.1 or ESXi 4.1 or ESXi 5?

I knew about the ESXi restrictions with replication in v5, which is why we kept ESX for our hosts, but I was curious if there was any performance benefits with one version or another.


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Re: Veeam v6 and vSphere

Post by rvopat »

THey have said that v6 is version independent and it does not matter what version you use, it will perform equally well on any of them listed

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Re: Veeam v6 and vSphere

Post by Gostev »

That is true, we have touched this in the What's New document.
ESXi-centric processing engine. Veeam is fully committed to VMware’s strategy around vSphere, which includes focusing exclusively on the ESXi architecture with vSphere 5 and going forward. v6 supports ESX and ESXi hosts in the same manner, providing top performance and reliability regardless of hypervisor architecture.
There are no performance differences between different host types (ESX vs. ESXi) or host versions (4.1 vs. 5).

There is some unverified information that ESXi 5 has slightly better "network" (NBD) processing performance, but I have not confirmed this myself (my quick and dirty testing did not show noticeable differences). But in all cases, most people are unlikely to use "network" processing modes anyway, so it does not really matter.


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